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Reaction Training System - Wall

"Reaction Training System Wall" coaching system is a special training application that helps athletes to increase their reaction to optical changes (led blinking) that occur in the devices. Reaction time and the speed of running a movement are two components of the physical fitness that determine the athletes' skill. When we call "reaction time", we mean the time between a visual or acoustic stimulus and the onset of reaction to it. Therefore, "Response Speed" is the ability of a person to react quickly and easily to alternate stimuli and to perform movements as quickly and in less time as possible. In sport, whether individual or group, the speed of reaction is the leading element of a successful athlete's career. As a result, improving the time and speed of an athlete's response is one of the coach's primary goals.

How we can used it...

Training requires two athletes to wear on one device. The coach has placed five (5) cones in a circular configuration (or as he wishes). The exercisers are placed in the circle. Each device has a microcontroller, which determines the duration of training and lighting. Checking the entire application is done by the coach through an Android device.
Each athlete must see the light that lights up (accidental switching at a predetermined time) on the opponent's device and run - touch the cone with that color.

Usefull for...

"Reaction Training System" can be used from anyone who need to stimulate their reaction and attitudes, such as athletes, coaches, people with disabilities, to children of all ages, but also to each of us who need a way to react quickly to any physical change that is happening around us. He can give the physiotherapist information, from the statistics he holds, on the post-traumatic recovery of the patient.

Advantages of using...

  • Improving Reaction
  • Increase sports performance
  • Measure and evaluate athletes in real time
  • Strengthening of peripheral vision
  • Decrease decision time
  • Increase the coordination of human senses
  • Increase the speed and agility of the coach
  • Measure the recovery path of the injured patient or athlete
  • Develop and improve perception
  • Improving the fitness of the trainers
  • Increase concentration of the coach
  • Strengthening sensory and motor skills
  • Development and reinforcement of the focus of the coach
  • Diagnosing and improving the movement, the strength of an injured limb
  • Reinforcement equipment for patient recovery from injuries
  • Strengthening equipment to treat difficulties in treating sensations in patients with cognitive disorders.
  • Enhancing the mental capacity of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities
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